Published October 2016 by Grub Street, originally published October 2003 by Simon and Schuster.

If you think you know Indian cooking, think again. In over 100 recipes, Cooking Like Mummyji reveals real, authentic, traditional Punjabi home cooking, as cooked in British Asian homes, and as opposed to the food in Indian restaurants which was invented for the Western palate. As Vicky says, "I have often thought it such a shame that the Western world is not let in on the secret of real Indian / British Asian home cooking, as though it is a sort of long-standing trick, our last remaining jewel. Our home food is much lighter, healthier, more vibrant and varied than Indian restaurant food. We don't use lots of heavy oil, cream or endless lists of unnecessary spices. A handful of spices are key and used often but, like musical notes, can be combined in many different ways to create beautiful melodies". Stunningly illustrated too, this much praised bestseller which sold out before publication, won The Jeremy Round Award for Best First Book at the Guild of Food Writer's Awards and shortlisted to the final three for Best Book at the Glenfiddich Food and Drink Awards, both 2004.

"An enchanting book, suffused with charm, wit and the kind of fresh, light recipes that can dazzle a dinner party or make a perfect supper for one. I defy anyone to read her recipes for Coconut Fish Dream or Pomegranate Rubies with Lime and not dash for the spice rack"
Red Magazine

"Written with openness and delight in its subject...intelligent and fascinating"
Caroline Roux, The Guardian

FLAVOUR: A World of Beautiful Food
Published April 2009 by Hodder and Stoughton

In FLAVOUR: A World of Beautiful Food, Vicky Bhogal takes an array of delicious ingredients and shows how to combine them according to their flavour in simple and imaginative ways to create exciting new dishes. As she says, 'I am delighted by the fact that, in the little corner of the metropolis I have made my own, I am able to draw from a rich, sprawling heritage of centuries of ingredients traversing their way across the globe. That with a flick of a lid or stir of a spoon, I can add the perfumed whisper of a Persian court, an echo of cool pine forests at twilight or the faint tap of a tango on cobbled alleyways to my daily urban life, while the cars roar by outside.' Containing over 100 mouth-watering and inspiring recipes, including Wafer-sliced Duck Risotto with Spiced Plums and Star Anise, Tiger Prawn and Mandarin Soup, Turkish Delight Chocolate Ice Cream Drops and White Pears on Black Ice, FLAVOUR is an enchanting book for cooks of all abilities who want to try something truly different.

"INSPIRATIONAL - Vicky Bhogal makes the ordinary extraordinary in her luscious new book, Flavour... She combines everyday ingredients and simple techniques to create remarkably sophisticated dishes, which will perk up the most kitchen-shy cooks"

Red Magazine - MAY ISSUE 2009

Published September 2005 by Simon and Schuster.

In January 2005, Vicky decided she wanted to do something more to raise awareness of and funds for Fairtrade, which she is a passionate supporter of. This book is the outcome of that dedication, which she compiled, edited and for which she also wrote the vignettes of information on Fairtrade. 70 delicious celebrity recipes were kindly donated to Vicky for this book that celebrates food and life and aims to give the producers in the developing world a chance in its own little way by giving 100% of the proceeds to the Fairtrade Foundation and Oxfam's Make Trade Fair campaign. A Fair Feast became part of the Make Poverty History campaign and features recipes from Nigella Lawson, Jamie Oliver, Delia Smith, Sir Elton John, Dido, Minnie Driver, Keith Floyd, Jane Asher and many more. As Screenwriter and Film Director Richard Curtis says, 'A book like this, which raises awareness as well as money, is massively welcome....It's great to feel, in a delicious irony, that recipes are being used as a weapon in the fight against poverty!"

"Not only is this a beautiful book oozing with sumptuous recipes covering all styles of food, it also provides a recipe for global change"
Waterstones Magazine

"Wondering what Elton John and his fiancé David Furnish feast on? You can find out in A Fair Feast... pineapple soufflé, made from Fairtrade pineapples, naturally"
The Times

Published February 2006 by Simon and Schuster.

The eagerly anticipated follow up to Cooking Like Mummyji picks up where the critically acclaimed debut left off, this time exploring authentic Indian food through the unique home cooking styles of additional British-Asian communities and set across the sumptuously illustrated backdrop of the seasons, incorporating a year of ceremonies and festivals as varied as Holi, Easter, Rakshabandhan, Diwali and Christmas. As Vicky explains "Cooking Like Mummyji was a book of personal recipes, many of which were specific to my Punjabi Sikh upbringing. However, as so many British Asians of other communities enjoyed my first book and kindly shared with me unique and special recipes their families make, I wanted to reflect that wonderful diversity in this book".

"... we're taken on a whirlwind tour of real Indian cuisine. Recipes that got our taste buds in a twist include South Indian Vegetables and Lentils, summery-looking Paneer Skewers and Chicken Biryani"
Heat Magazine

"Here is your chance to learn how to do it properly"
Glasgow Herald