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"A sense that the author has been on a similar voyage of discovery to the reader... is what makes Vicky's books so exciting to cook from"
Tom Norrington-Davies for The Telegraph

"One of the brightest new talents in the cookery world"
BBC Good Food Magazine


"I’ve come across versions of [keema] all over the place but the recipe that prompted me, finally, to try it…comes from Vicky Bhogal’s wonderful Cooking Like Mummyji…I am so mad about this book"
Nigella Lawson

"Cooking Like Mummyji is much more than a cookbook, it is about learning and keeping those precious family recipes, as well as passing on these traditions, to the future generations"
Atul Kochhar

"I love this book so much. A masterpiece on the subject of the kind of food my granny used to make, all of it easy to prepare and accessibly written up"
India Knight

"Quirky and clever, and the recipes look pretty good too!"
Meera Syal

"An enchanting book, suffused with charm, wit and the kind of fresh, light recipes that can dazzle a dinner party or make a perfect supper for one. I defy anyone to read her recipes for Coconut Fish Dream or Pomegranate Rubies with Lime and not dash for the spice rack"
Red Magazine

"A tribute to the Sikh community living in Britain, Vicky Bhogal's book brings favourite family dishes to the table in much the same way as they would be in rural Punjab"
Roopa Gulati, Time Out Magazine

"Mix a pinch of Nigella with a teaspoon of Bollywood and you get the glamorous Vicky Bhogal, who will change your perception of Indian cuisine for ever"
You Magazine, The Mail on Sunday

"Fast, clever, witty and utterly unlike the over-stylised fare offered up by most food writers"
Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, The Independent

"Written with openness and delight in its subject...intelligent and fascinating"
Caroline Roux, The Guardian

"If you like your food aromatic and spicy, this gorgeous book will tickle your taste buds. Featuring the best of British Asian home cooking, there's not a tikka masala in sight"
She Magazine, who selected the book as their pick of the best for Christmas gifts 2003

"A young British Asian writer is set to publish a book on Indian homecooking that should have you eating out of her hand... including family photography, stunning illustrations, humorous anecdotes and witty insights, Cooking Like Mummyji proposes to dispel a few myths and stereotypes about Indian food and British Asian culture"
Asian Times

"... a book that will be greatly valued by young Asians, especially those who ache for a taste of Punjabi home cooking"
Tandoori Magazine




"INSPIRATIONAL - Vicky Bhogal makes the ordinary extraordinary in her luscious new book, Flavour... She combines everyday ingredients and simple techniques to create remarkably sophisticated dishes, which will perk up the most kitchen-shy cooks"
Red Magazine - MAY ISSUE 2009

"Vicky's gorgeous new book is like a warm ray of sun, you can feel her positive energy bursting from every beautiful page. It is a fabulous culinary journey from an immensely generous spirit. The recipes have a tantalising blend of exotic ingredients, that reflect her life and travels. Her book is peppered with delightful pictures and drawings to inspire any jaded cook"
Sophie Conran

"The recipes in this flavourful book are intriguingly inviting. I look forward to uniting some of the wonderful and some lonelier ingredients on my shelves towards these inspiring combinations"
Tessa Kiros

"I cannot do justice to her exuberant and interestingly experimental combination of flavours... every page confronts you with a different and exciting combination... this is a book which is also a delight to read even if you do not wish to rise to the challenge of cooking and plating up a dish which is not your ordinary everyday fare... Vicky uses food from all around the world and then, like an alchemist, adds a flavour from her store cupboard which transforms something ordinary into something very different"
Judith D for Matthew's Bookshelf on

"DARE TO BE DIFFERENT - Achieving the right balance of textures and flavours is key to a successful dish and bold experimentation can reap rewards, as Vicky's easy-to-follow recipes prove, using unusual combinations of ingredients to maximum effect"
Food and Travel Magazine - June Issue 2009

"WE LOVE FLAVOUR - Vicky Bhogal's stunning new book will invigorate the way you cook and think about ingredients"

"An exciting book bursting with unusual and tantalising flavour mixes that take advantage of the modern, international pantry"
Sainsburys Magazine

"... with this stylish new release, she dispenses with borders, and opens her palate to ingredients based on their flavour... the result is a stunning, beautifully produced and original collection of recipes that surprise and delight"
The Irish Times

"In her brilliant new book, Vicky Bhogal cooks up a culinary smorgasboard of no particular origin. And it's absolutely delicious"


"A book like this, which raises awareness as well as money, is massively welcome... It's great to feel, in a delicious irony, that recipes are being used as a weapon in the fight against poverty!
Richard Curtis

"If you only buy one cookbook this year, make sure it's Vicky Bhogal's A Fair Feast"
Health and Fitness Magazine

"Packed full of recipes for delicious meals... if you only buy one book, make it this one"
Sunday Times Style Magazine

"Not only is this a beautiful book oozing with sumptuous recipes covering all styles of food, it also provides a recipe for global change"
Waterstones Magazine

"Get cooking and help make poverty history"
Heat Magazine

"Vicky Bhogal is a rare figure in the world of food. The chef and food writer has a burning conscience about her industry conspicuously celebrating food while apparently ignoring the flight of the African and South Asian producers who supply much of it... Now Vicky has decided to do something about it and she has enlisted the help of a few key players on the food scene"
Glasgow Herald

"The mix of facts, TV chefs and celebrities create a book that caters for all tastes forces you to think about food"
New Consumer Magazine

"Wondering what Elton John and his fiancé David Furnish feast on? You can find out in A Fair Feast... pineapple soufflé, made from Fairtrade pineapples, naturally"
The Times

"Celebrity recipes that encourage us to buy Fairtrade produce"
The Independent


"As a child, Vicky was teased about Indian food by playground bullies. Now the in-demand author of two cookery books on modern British Asian cooking, there's no doubt who's had the last laugh".
Olive Magazine

"... we're taken on a whirlwind tour of real Indian cuisine. Recipes that got our taste buds in a twist include South Indian Vegetables and Lentils, summery-looking Paneer Skewers and Chicken Biryani"
Heat Magazine

"Here is your chance to learn how to do it properly"
Glasgow Herald

"... shows us the recipes you won't find in Indian restaurants"
Books Quarterly - Waterstones

"... tailored for all seasons"
Family Circle Magazine - Book of the month

"If you haven't come across Vicky Bhogal, you will soon... (an) unstoppable force... this is typical Bhogal. Seemingly insurmountable tasks are reduced to yet another stepping stone by her common sense... but still remains modest about what she has achieved so far"
Hugo Greenhalgh for Duncan Bannatyne's The Sharp Edge Magazine

"Vicky Bhogal... is on her way to becoming a brand as well as an icon in the world of Indian cuisine"
Lloyds TSB Entrepreneur Excellence Awards Category for the Asian Jewel Awards

"In 2004 Vicky approached Tesco through a letter to Sir Terry Leahy, outlining her ambition to put traditional British Asian cuisine onto the supermarkets shelves. Over the next six months, Vicky worked with Tesco and a large food manufacturer to create each and every dish ensuring that both the taste and the methods used to prepare the meals were mirroring the ways customary to Indian home cooking. The Just like Mummyji range launched in Tesco stores in April 2005, it has won much praise and has brought new customers into the Indian ready meal category. A fitting way to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the range, the Just Like Mummyji Mango Chicken has just won the Grocer Own Label Excellence Award in the Chilled Foods category on 16th May 2006"
Kathryn Bettles, Head of Development for Chilled Foods - Tesco

"The MummyJi range has sold over 1 million meals in its first year and become a £3.2m brand in 6 months"
Chilled Foods Department - Tesco

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